So we all get into music right? I mean its one of those things that touches everyone and elicits the strongest opinions.  At the Jesus Muse we love music, and more than that we love the idea of what music can do to help people, and inspire people.  I have found it funny that people get so worked up about musical styles and genres and some sense of achievement based on finding THAT new band first.

Whats your favorite song…?

So if I was to ask you what your favorite song was how long would it take you to come up with and answer…and how long would it take to give the answer.  Most people have a really hard time getting it down to one.  It seems to be a lot easier to identify the songs that are NOT you favorite.

What is Jesus’ favorite song?

You ever wonder what Jesus’ favorite song is…? selah…

I asked the worship team at C3 Church and the team at the Jesus Muse what their favorite worship song was and it was interesting to hear their responses.  Most of them were connected to a heart moment or heart connection with God.  ”This is my favorite worship song because it really helps me connect to God…”  those were the answers.

cool vintage piano broken keys

Broken keyboard…showing the beauty in the broken

Christian inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes, but I have found that it comes so much easier when we are listening to our favorite music.  And even more so when it is our favorite worship music.

I then asked them, “What do you think Jesus’ favorite is…” and got some varying responses.

1.  All of them.  2. Shout to the Lord. (couldn’t resist) 3. Doesn’t have one.

I actually think HIS favorite song is the same as your favorite song, not because HE likes it but because of what the song does to your heart.  God is in the heart business.  HE rarely focuses on much else because HE knows how important it is.  So when a song moves you to him faster and harder then any other song…that song becomes HIS favorite.

I’m not trying to present some form of biblical truth, in fact I can’t even find a scripture where the above thought about HIS favorite song is presented.  I do know this however…HE is desperately in LOVE with us, and when something pulls our hearts closer to HIS click on repeat one.