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Happy New Year from everyone at The Jesus Muse…

We want to share with you our newest post…help you think differently about your New Years Resolutions

A New Thought on New Years Resolutions

How do you feel about New Years Resolutions?  If you shy away from the opportunity to make some life altering changes you need to read this article.  It’s all in the approach…

A discussion starter…translating the word Faith

A new blog post in scriptures on faith…a type of word study on the English, Hebrew and Greek words for Faith.

A Look at the Words that traslate into faith

We start looking into the word faith.  At the new year we started a new section on the website called “scriptures on faith” we wanted to make sure we covered some apologetic and historical ideas as well.  This starts that discussion.  Helping you get a deeper understanding of faith…

Here are some of our most read articles

The Jesus Muse :: Sharing Christian inspiration one muse at a time…

How to Worship God Part 1 :: Create a great atmosphere

Worshipping God is a blend between the physical and the spiritual.  On the physical side we can help ourselves by having an inspiring space, a great atmosphere.

How to Worship God Part 2 :: God's Favorite Song

How to Worship God part 2 – Use His favorite song…which might not be what you think.  Christian Inspiration starts with a real connection with Jesus.

Identify Your Source

So often we are looking to circumstances as our source of joy or break through.  We need to identify Who the real source is and look to Him.

Which Light Gives You Life...?

Jesus is our light and source of life.  Its is however so that we can in turn give it away to others. Written by Meg Lindemulder

Why the Jesus Muse Exists…

At it’s core the Jesus Muse exists to be one of the street lights guiding you home.  We all need inspiration from time to time, this community exists to help provide that light for you.  A muse is something to engage with on a spiritual level, and something to act on from a practical level.  Our intention is to offer both.

What we love…

We love talking about worship and it’s affect on our lives, we love talking about inspiration and how it can motivate and we love talking about scripture and how the greatest words in history can guide us.  Finding inspiring stories and thoughts about these subjects is what the Jesus Muse is all about.  But not only that…

We also like looking at really practical things that can help lift us and shape how we think about spiritual things.  God didn’t just make us spiritual beings…we have a soul and a body…one of our mandates is to find out how to make them all help us have a great live.   It’s mostly really simple…it’s just talking about ways in which simple and practical things can help us get closer to Jesus and find out more about livinga  great spiritual life.

Getting more from Social

If you want to find out more about who we are and the vision behind this website please visit our about page. To learn more about the authors that contribute to the content on this website please visit our about us page. finally we are all over the social landscape as well.  Below are some key links to find us in places where you hang out…happy musing. 

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Horse Boarding Calgary

The Jesus Muse is proud to partner with it’s founder Lucas Duxbury and his family on their new venture into the Equestrian World.  Over this past season they have been working on acquiring a new horse boarding and training facility and it is now operational.  Please take a moment to head over to their website Blazing Hearts Ranch and check it out.

The reason that the Jesus Muse is so excited is because part of the vision behind the ranch is to provide holistic ministry opportunities for people that need space and time to heal from various life issues.  The long term goal will be to build a worship and retreat centre on the land and allow people to experience God in a whole new way.  Inspiration has always been at the heart of what the Jesus Muse is all about and this is just that INSPIRING people towards Jesus in a whole different manner…using his creation, time and space to connect with him.  Happy Musing.

Online Christian Community

The Jesus Muse is also proud to partner with 15 Degrees NE  and 15 Degrees NE Ministry.  They are a brand new online christian community working to connect people from all over the world.

They have two main websites.  The first site is and it is their flagship site which contains the vision and lots of really great content.  One such article is from our very own Lucas here at the Jesus Muse and it is a new take on personal atmosphere.

The Second site (which we are really excited about) is the community site and it is setup like a social network site.  You can create a profile and connect with other Christians from all over the world.  The also have live online events and lots of face to face events too.  They are constantly updating their material and have a lot of really great resources.  You should definitely check them out.

The Jesus Muse Recommends 15 Degrees NE

15 degrees ne logo

 If you are looking for an Online Christian Community 15 Degrees NE might just be what you are looking for.  The Jesus Muse is a great place to get all kinds of different articles and information and 15 Degrees NE is no different, with a little different authorship and direction people who love the Jesus Muse will also love 15 Degrees NE.

Also just when you thought we couldn’t provide you with more value Red Leaf Studios has just opened a select number of music tuition spots.  If you are interested in learning the guitar or fine tuning your skills click here.  Specifically if you are looking for guitar lessons okotoks then this is the place you need to head over to.